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MLMG is pleased to announce its distributorship for Allergy Health MD. For more details click here.

Popedx is now a service provider of allergy testing and balance testing for fall risk assessment.


Medically Linked, LLC., (MLMG) is a medical management group. MLMG manages medical practices, diagnostics imaging companies, management service organizations (MSO), provides revenue cycle billing solutions, owns medical practices, vein centers and behavioral health practices.

Rethink, Unite, Succeed ...

The mission of MLMG is to rethink healthcare, unite with physicians and succeed by utilizing innovative business solutions.

A Message from the President & CEO
It is true that so many of your peers are struggling with the ever-changing healthcare market. The future of their practices may entail having to sell to a larger healthcare group or hospital only to get a fraction of what they deserve or even working for a hospital with longer hours and minimal pay.

Over the last year, we have assembled a group of subject matter experts (SME’s), which includes legal, medical and business professionals that have researched and developed a plan that will allow your voices to be heard through collectively creating a Managed Service Organization (MSO) and placing that power and control back in your hands!

We look forward to building a lasting relationship with you,
Dwayne Pope
President & CEO


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